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About Us

Inspiration, Dreams, Travel!

~ New friends ~ New Memories ~ New Perspectives ~

Her Dream Vacation in Greece!

Ready to travel but no one to go with? Be inspired to travel, discover, and experience sophistication and cultural diversity with HER DREAM VACATION…Women Only Travel. Catering to discerning women travelers who want to experience concierge group travel, southern hospitality and fascinating destinations.  Women seeking fun, adventure and themselves.


Women traveling together to dream destinations with a few new friends and an experienced tour leader. The Dream Vacations are meticulously planned, personally researched and experienced first hand. You will not be disappointed in the extra care that makes Her Dream Vacation, YOUR Dream Vacation.


HER DREAM VACATION:  Women only tours and travel to dream destinations waiting to be explored.  Travel authentically, live life abundantly…follow your dreams.  Cobblestones and Pomegranates, Her Dream Vacation. Women only travel.  Join Us! Making it easy for you to travel solo when traveling with your best friend, husband or sister is not an option.


Women traveling alone but together in groups of no more than 12.  It is usually only about 6 which keeps it intimate, easier to get to know each other. Like minded women on new adventures.  Alone but not lonely and traveling solo maybe for the first time or the 10th time but with a new group of friends!  Women from all over the world, who like you want to travel and are more comfortable doing so with a small group.


Making travel friends for a lifetime.


This is your time. Your dream vacation because Her Dream Vacation takes care of all of the details. From selecting guides for authentic tours, to finding the best hotels, restaurants and transportation in each destination, this is YOUR dream vacation. Women Only Tours designed with taking care of YOU.  What are you waiting for?

  About Me

~ Hello, travelers!!! ~

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Welcome to the Her Dream Vacation website, a division of Cobblestones and Pomegranates. It is a pleasure to have you drop by and take a look at the vacations and tours for women. Her Dream Vacation is a small boutique travel business for women only travelers. Women traveling together sharing the same interests and desires for an authentic immersive dream vacation. We are small group. We are flexible. We are serendipitous! Each tour is personalized to meet the needs of the group. Her Dream Vacation was founded by a woman who understands your travel needs and wants to fulfill your dreams of traveling to dream destinations.

Traveling with Her Dream Vacation is a customized travel experience where you are immersed locally, are traveling with like-minded women and have flexibility for a serendipitous adventure or two. You will be traveling with women who are excited to share in the experiences of the chosen destination and itinerary. We have local, off-the-beaten-path experiences, while making new friends and memories for a lifetime. Great care is taken in choosing the perfect accommodations for the group, the best activities, the most knowledgeable guides and the right schedule to maximize your vacation time.

Please get to know me and my business, because I want to get to know you and your interests. With this knowledge, I specialize and customize each tour itinerary. It is important to me to meet the needs of each individual traveling within the small group. It is always a diverse group of women traveling together to a dream destination. A shared dream and each person’s interests brings a unique mix to the travel experience. The itineraries are filled with special interests, a few surprises, local happenings and enough time for you to take care of YOU. Do you want to book a massage, take another tour, go shopping or find a quiet moment for reading? We make it happen. It is your dream vacation.

“Where does your name come from?” My name has always been a curiosity. Where is it from? What does it mean? My friends typically call me Stamie but I will get the occasional ‘Stamatia.' Stamie is the short version. A special meaning: “Intelligent, active, preoccupied and always planning; not enough spare time and always looking for an adventure.” I promise this is the Greek meaning! And it sounds just like me! It is a traditional Greek name and in following true Greek tradition, I was named after my grandmother and have four cousins with the same name!

Being a daughter of a Greek mother and a United States Air Force career dad, my wanderlust and love of travel comes naturally. Having lived in 11 states and 4 different countries, I graduated from the College of Charleston, in Charleston, South Carolina. A southern city of cobblestones, history and European flair.

My early career began as a travel agent. I have worked in fine hotels, restaurants, resorts, country clubs and commercial real estate. All the while refining my tastes and feeding my wanderlust. I also spent 15 years in media sales and advertising and am grateful that all of my career experiences have lead to the founding of Her Dream Vacation--a travel company encouraging women to travel solo within a group for safety and comfort. Authentic travel for the particular woman.

I am a particular woman and I understand the needs of a traveler. I was a single mother who raised a daughter with my same wanderlust. “You never know, unless you go.”  It has always been our mantra! Mother/Daughter trips are a fabulous way to connect and create an experience that is wonderfully shared in an amazing destination. Grab your mom, daughter, grandaughter or sisters! Join us!

I appreciate the challenges of women who desire to travel, yet can always find an excuse not to make it happen. It is a "one cobblestone at a time" path, and my mission is to empower women to break from the bonds of excuses and fulfill their dreams. Take care of YOU.

My interests include historic preservation, the arts, community involvement, volunteer work, gardening, walks along the beach, hiking, travel writing and spending time with my daughter and close friends. My zest for life and wanderlust has taken me to 39 US States, most countries in Europe, the Eastern and Western Caribbean, Bahamas, Cuba, China, Thailand, Macau, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, India, Jordan, South Africa and Morocco. I look forward to exploring South America and more of Asia. I hope you will join me!

I presently split my time and live between Greece and Charleston, SC. When I am not traveling on your behalf, I have a small local tour business in Athens called Athenian Adventures: Athens and Beyond. My travel assistant is a West Highland Terrier named Elvis. He has his own Facebook page and blog, “Elvis Adventures.” Do not be surprised if he joins you on an upcoming tour!

To always be seeking out an ideal spot for a picnic, an off-the-beaten-path for an adventure, a local pub for great music or an unexpected flea market for treasures, my serendipitous style of travel is fun, engaging and authentic. My promise is to immerse you in local culture and be at your service. My belief is that relationships and friendships go far beyond booking, dates, planning and itineraries. We are in this together. I make every effort to get to know you, to make you comfortable and hope you will choose to travel again and again with Her Dream Vacation. Please call or email me with any questions. I encourage you to read my blogs…some very personal but a gauge of a woman you may want to travel with on your dream vacation.

Take care of  YOU.

~Stamie Turner

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