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  • Why should I travel with Her Dream Vacation?
    Tours are designed by a woman for women. Women travel differently from men and there is a camaraderie in sharing experiences as they explore, share, and rest. If you are interested in traveling solo, but want the security and comfort of a group, Her Dream Vacation does all of the work and you can enjoy the benefits of a planned vacation without the “big tour bus group” feel. There is a personal approach to bringing women together and creating new friendships. Emails are exchanged before traveling with all travelers as an attempt to introduce and get to know each other before every Her Dream Vacation. Women come from all over to join a diverse travel group who are seeking out the same travel experiences. We travel intimately to avoid crowds and lines and seek off the beaten path destinations. Even the tried and true travel destinations have a twist in their itineraries so that you will experience what the locals have come to love about their beautiful iconic cities. Accommodations are unique and charming for a small group and are usually no more than 50 rooms and usually many less. Itineraries include a variety of options. You are able to choose or choose not to participate. From sightseeing, to wine tastings, new culinary experiences, spa treatments, we share in the experiences. Before any Her Dream Vacation, there is an assessment of your needs, particular hobbies, favorite foods and if we can find a way to meet a specific need, desire or surprise, we will do so! There is enough flexibility in each itinerary for you to make it your own and enough personal attention and a commitment to make your Her Dream Vacation enjoyable, memorable and fun.
  • What is the age range of the travelers with Her Dream Vacation?
    The women who travel with Her Dream Vacation are of all ages, backgrounds and are in good health. The tours are designed for women who are interested in cultural diversity, food, wine and exploring history….and lots of walking. Children are not accepted on tours so any female must be at least 18 years old. But typically the average age range is 45-64. The make up of each group will vary and there will be a mixture of solo travelers, groups of friends, or family relations. Some are single, divorced, widowed but they all want to experience a Dream Vacation, a new travel experience and new friends.
  • What if I am not in optimum health but want to travel?
    If a trip requires above average physical activity, I will let you know within the content of the specific itinerary. If you have any medical problems that may limit your travel, please check with your personal physician for assessment before securing your reservation. This is your responsibility. Most of the vacations will require lots of walking and some outdoor activities. You may be required to handle your own luggage, climb stairs and spend full days walking. It is the philosophy of Her Dream Vacation that travel is best experienced by exploring and most of the time that includes walking. There are surprises around every corner to only be discovered by walking and wandering. Please do not hesitate calling me for more information to insure that a particular vacation will be a good fit for you.
  • Do I always have to be a part of planned activities?
    No, but please advise the concierge/tour leader of your plan to participate or not. This is your time, your vacation. Essentially you are the one who chooses how to spend it. Most itineraries will include time to pursue personal interests. If you need help with alternative activities, there will be someone who can assist you but please be open minded that tours are planned to encourage group interaction. Most activities are prepaid in advance and your consideration is most appreciated.
  • When should I make my airline reservation?
    Please do not make your reservation until the vacation departure is confirmed. Every best effort is made to ensure departure. Most vacations need a minimum of 4-6 travelers. If you need to make arrangements before a minimum of travelers is reached, be advised that any change/cancelation fees will be your responsibility. All travelers will have an option to pay a supplement to ensure travel, in the event, a minimum is not reached.
  • What should I pack?
    Please pack light. We always pack more than we need. I recommend packing, repacking and packing again. Each time, taking away at least a 1/3. You will be glad and if in doubt, bring along an extra bag. Shopping opportunities will present themselves. There will be an occasion to dress up but mostly dress comfortably – layers usually work well in most of the places we will travel. Oh, and remember comfortable walking shoes. Wear them before your vacation. For tropical trips, less is more. A travel umbrella with a lightweight raincoat is always a good idea but not always necessary. Call if you have any questions.
  • Can I stay longer or arrive earlier?
    Yes, please contact me. Most of the time I can arrange the necessary details on most itineraries.
  • Should I bring additional money?
    I have tried to include most of the expenses in the cost of the trip. However, when on your own, you will need money for some lunches, dinners, shopping, additional spa services, alcohol, laundry, telephone, and custom fees as appropriate. ATM machines are readily available and the easiest way for you to access funds as needed. Please check with your bank about fees and notify them of use in a foreign country. Upon arrival at the local airport, the first stop can be to the ATM machine. It is best to have a MasterCard or Visa with you. Often times, American Express is not accepted.
  • Will you organize a custom tour?
    Yes, I am happy to arrange specific trips for you and your family, book club, church group, garden club, friends, sisters, sorority reunions and businesswomen. Details and dream making for a handcrafted Dream Vacation! If there is an existing Her Dream Vacation that you want for your group but for a different date, let me know and I will help you make it happen!Yes, I am happy to arrange specific trips for you and your family, book club, church group, garden club, friends, sisters, sorority reunions and businesswomen. Details and dream making for a handcrafted Dream Vacation! If there is an existing Her Dream Vacation that you want for your group but for a different date, let me know and I will help you make it happen!
  • Do I need to buy travel insurance?
    Travel Insurance is recommended and encouraged. You are encouraged to seek it out on your own. Or I will enclose information with your reservation receipt. Travel insurance can protect your investment if your trip is delayed, canceled or interrupted for covered reasons. Unexpected things do happen. Please note the part of your reservation process where you agree and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • What if I get sick when traveling?
    Please check on your medical coverage before leaving home. You may be required to purchase a supplementary policy while traveling. If you have a specific medical condition that is being treated, please have all related information, including your physician’s contact info, readily available for any attending physician should you become ill. This is important particularly when traveling in a foreign country. There is real meaning in “Lost in Translation” when describing illnesses and desired treatments.
  • Will internet access be available?
    Most accommodations will have wifi available either directly in your room or within common lobby areas. Please be careful with use of all devices. Do not leave in plain sight and carefully guard passwords. Be particular about secure connections. The hope is you will “unplug” while you are away from home and enjoy your Her Dream Vacation!
  • Do I have to pay extra for traveling alone?
    No! Isn’t that the worse part of traveling alone? It doesn’t cost more to travel with me and have your own room. However, if you want to share a room, please let me know and I will help you make the arrangements and save you a bit of money. However, when in Europe and at some of the chosen boutique hotels, twin rooms are difficult to secure.
  • What happens with the trip if you personally are not able to go?
    All best efforts will be made to not have any interruption to travel plans. In the unlikely event I am not able to travel with you, I have personally selected a back up traveling concierge/tour leader who will fill in and go along to ensure your utmost Her Dream Vacation experience.
  • Is this a lesbian travel company?
    No, this is not a lesbian travel company but all women are welcome to participate in Her Dream Vacation travel. Diversity is a great thing as is personal space, respect for others and honor of self.
  • Can I order a travel Gift Certificate?
    Yes, please go to Gift Certificates and place your order. Remember to be kind to the women in your life and empower them to do for themselves. A gift certificate for Her Dream Vacation may be just what she needs!
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