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The Particulars

Her Dream Vacation has a mission to empower women traveling solo in small groups by including women of all diversities, goals, and personalities. Women from different walks of life sharing in the wonderment of a travel experience. A mission to accommodate all women’s dreams, wishes and needs as they explore their new surroundings and a different culture. Women-only tours are for your comfort and encouragement to seek out new travel experiences across the globe.


There will always be a a concierge/tour leader traveling with you who will exercise her best judgment should decisions for the group be necessary. In every circumstance she will look for a consensus on decisions that will serve the best interest of the group. In the event, due to circumstance beyond control, that changes must occur, best efforts will be made to minimize the change while maintaining travel standards and perhaps even view the change as for the best. Travelers agree to pay any additional expense(s) incurred by any such change(s) and will receive a refund of any savings that might be realized. This doesn’t happen very often and all efforts will be made to manage expectations of the group.

As a woman traveler with Her Dream Vacation, Cobblestones and Pomegranates, it is your responsibility to choose a trip that meets your physical abilities and you should be in good health. Medical facilities and services vary and may not be readily available. It is important that you are aware of your health coverage, and it is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance to protect your investment.

There are several categories to choose from based on the different insurance companies. Be vigilant and do your homework. Cancellation “for any reason” is a requirement for travel with Her Dream Vacation. Travel insurance to protect against non-refundable costs such as medical emergencies, a cancelled trip, lost bags, or any other covered trip-related expense is the very basic minimum option. Please read the fine print. Applications and/or recommendations will be sent with your deposit confirmation. Exceptions cannot be made to refund policies. Travelers within the group should confirm that their medical insurance covers expenses while traveling (especially outside the country) or arrange for supplemental and/or alternate medical insurance.

Most of the vacations are planned to meet the needs of the physically abled and will include walking and more walking. A lot of walking. We will be touring cities, villages, hill towns, and walking on cobblestones. Although we travel on our tours by varied forms of transportation, we will be walking some distance on most vacations. Please pay careful attention to the itineraries when choosing the best Her Dream Vacation for you. When beyond the usual, or requiring additional ability, it will be noted in the “Particulars." You will be advised, when necessary, to check with your health care provider to insure that you have the required inoculations, if any, and that you carry such proof of inoculation on a valid vaccination certificate where required. This will be stated within the itinerary and again on your reservation confirmation.

Her Dream Vacation, a subsidiary of Cobblestones and Pomegranates, LLC, and its owners, employees, directors, agents or representatives, act only as agents for the hotels, transportation companies, and other suppliers of the services utilized in connection with supplying such services to the Her Dream Vacation travelers, and Her Dream Vacation will not be responsible for any act, injury, loss, accident, damage, or negligence of any nature howsoever caused in connection with any travel, accommodation, transportation, or other services. Baggage is at owner’s risk entirely. Travelers release and discharge Her Dream Vacation, and Cobblestones and Pomegranates, from any and all liability for any loss, injury, damage, or expense that they or their next of kin may have suffered as a result participating in trips arranged by Her Dream Vacation. This release will be legally binding on the travelers as well as their next of kin, personal representatives or minors traveling with them.

The right is retained to decline to accept or to retain any person as a traveling member of Her Dream Vacation small group women travel, should such woman’s health, mental condition, physical infirmity or attitude jeopardize the operation of the trip or the rights, welfare, or enjoyment of other women travelers. This right pertains to booking, pre-travel, or during the operation of the trip. In the unlikely event that a traveler is removed from a tour, Her Dream Vacation, Cobblestones and Pomegranates, will not be responsible in any way for the traveler’s expenses prior to commencement of the trip or return home. Should a traveler choose to leave a tour voluntarily, Her Dream Vacation will require a signed statement indicating the traveler’s decision to voluntarily leave the tour and Her Dream Vacation will not be responsible in any way for the traveler’s expenses home.

The traveler’s full payment for a tour constitutes consent to all provisions. Her Dream Vacation reserves the right to cancel a trip at any time, for any reason, if there are too few participants or if the quality of the trip, safety and comfort of travelers is at risk.

Refunds, partial refunds or travel credits, minus all expenses of Her Dream Vacation, of all payments received will constitute full settlement. Her Dream Vacation is not responsible for any loss incurred on travel arrangements or air due to a trip cancellation. Itineraries are subject to change and modification at any time at Her Dream Vacation's discretion and better judgement for the sake of the group traveling.

Content on the website is deemed accurate and current, however, Her Dream Vacation, Cobblestones and Pomegranates, LLC, does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use of the materials in this site as to their accuracy, reliability, or correctness, or that the operation of this site will be error free or that this site or the server that makes it available is free of viruses or other harmful components.

Authenticity of traveling and photographs of travels are a part of business-building for Her Dream Vacation and will be shared and used in promotional materials. Photographs taken while on a trip with Her Dream Vacation are the property of Her Dream Vacation and may be used in any media outlet. Any traveler who does not wish to have her photograph used must let Her Dream Vacation know in writing within 60 days of duration of travel.

Travelers with Her Dream Vacation must ensure that they have the proper travel documents – passport and/or visa. Passports are required to be valid for at least 6 months after the dates of travel and have two blank pages.

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