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Dreaming of Morocco

February 24 - March 7, 2022 | $6,195

Morocco is the gateway to Africa from Europe, where you will discover ancient Berber, Roman, Arab, Greek, Spanish and French history. These cultures are blended and create quite an alluring and beautiful country. It is a country of an intoxicating fusion of colors, scenery and culinary delights. You will discover vibrant colorful medinas, an awe-inspiring desert and the breathtaking mountains while also visiting the Imperial cities: Rabat, Fes, Meknes and Marrakesh.

Dreaming of Sicily

March 31 - April 10, 2022 | $5,695

Dreaming of the timeless history and beauty of a Sicilian vacation? On this women's only trip, we will journey through the eastern splendors of Sicily, where we will explore one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. This exotic, multi-cultural island and its thousands of years of history has been a stepping stone for many empires and conquests. The influences of Arabs, Greeks, Northern Europeans and (of course) Italians are evidenced throughout this beautiful island.

Dreaming of Southern Italy

April 11 - April 19, 2022 | $5,595

Experience the Southern Italy lifestyle with a small group of women travelers! We will visit the heel of the boot of Southern Italy, a region known as Puglia. This distinctive and delightful region, with its crystal blue seas, beautiful countryside and endless sunshine is a land of natural beauty, warm hospitality and amazing food and wine. As we make our way through dramatic mountains,we will visit Byzantine churches and wander through sun-baked olive groves. This is just the beginning of your love affair with Southern Italy!

Dreaming of Greek Easter

April 21 - April 20, 2022 | $5,695

This is a lovely time of year in Greece, celebrating a joyous birth and rebirth, in both its literal and figurative sense. This is the largest (and most beautiful) celebration in Greece, so let the festivities begin! As the cradle of modern civilization, Greece's many attractions feature ancient and archaeological important sites. This will be a week filled with spirituality, gods, myths, monasteries, oeonophilia and new friends. Oh, yes---and definitely lots of shopping and eating and wine in between!

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“Thank you for the best women only tour! I love my new friends! This was a Dream Vacation!”
~ Sharon F., San Francisco, CA


Small Group Travel for Women Traveling Solo

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Alone, but not lonely.

Do you dream of exploring & traveling the world? Travel with a small group of women traveling together!
You can travel, discover, and experience cultural diversity by joining a group of women who are looking to travel with a women only tour group.
Sharing some of the same interests and travel styles you may not get from your own spouse, boyfriend, family or friends.

Her Dream Vacation is a boutique travel company, a division of  Cobblestones and Pomegranates Tours and Travel,
curating handcrafted itineraries for Women Only Tours to beautiful destinations around the globe.
Destinations that many women have spent their lives yearning to learn more about by traveling, discovering and experiencing.


It is time for YOU to take care of YOU!

Imagine yourself traveling to the place you have dreamed about with all of the details taken care of for you. No guide books, maps or anxiousness of making the travel arrangements. Solo travel for women who also want the camaraderie and safety of a group. We make it easy!
No need to coordinate with your best friend, spouse, partner or sister. The work is done.

Our specialty tours provide you with the opportunity to travel and explore alone, while providing you with the safety of a small group of women traveling together. Alone but not lonely. And of course there is the first-hand experience of your traveling personal concierge.
Taking care of you


What Do You Dream of When You Travel?

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We will make it happen!


If you are tired of the conventional tours and bus groups, traveling with a women’s travel group is designed for you! 
Your dream vacation will be filled with lifetime memories, new friends and amazing experiences.

Imagine culinary adventures, breathtaking vistas, music, art and culture with a group of women travelers to amazing destinations –
like Tuscany, Greece, Paris, Barcelona, India, South Africa and Sicily. Itineraries change to offer you opportunities to keep exploring with us!

From wine tastings in Spain to sailing in the dreamy Greek Islands, we keep the itineraries diverse and up to date with the local happenings. Drinking in the art and fashion of the best European capitals to a safari tour in the heart of Africa. We walk our pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago at our own pace but with the knowledge we have the safety of a group. We visit some of the most famous historical sites and wonders of the world all the while meeting people who matter and who are contributing to making our world a better place. This is an invitation for you to join us.

We immerse ourselves in the culture, meet the locals and participate in activities – making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Footprints and impressions, cobblestones and pomegranates. Stories to bring home. Cooking classes, dance lessons, painting, concerts, theatres, museums, galleries and more.


Traveling with a group of women, where you are treated as guests and not herded to the next tourist spot.
Travel is an amazing, life-altering experience to be shared.


Her Dream Vacation is a far cry from your usual bus tour sightseeing group – you’ll get to walk, explore,
experience and get lost!
Itineraries can change to suit the serendipitous moments. What is it that YOU want to do?

Take a look at the itineraries to some of the countries you have imagined yourself visiting.

All itineraries are meticulously handcrafted, personally researched and experienced first hand to ensure every activity is one not to be missed!

Seriously, what are you waiting for! Book your dream vacation today! You will not be disappointed!
When was the last time you did something for YOU?

What you can expect on every tour:

Concierge group travel: there will always be an escort traveling with your group who is taking care of the details and you.

Southern Hospitality and Greek Philotimo: You will feel welcomed and honored. Sharing experiences, thoughts and dreams.

Fascinating Destinations: Your dream vacation with the camaraderie of women traveling together. Authentic. Inspired. Easy.

Her Dream Vacation invites you to join a small group of women traveling together as we explore exciting destinations around the globe.

Yes, that’s right, Women Only Travel with enriching travel experiences.


About the Founder


Hello Travelers! Her Dream Vacation is a small boutique travel business for women only travelers. Women traveling together sharing the same interests and desires for an authentic immersive dream vacation.  We are small group. We are flexible. We are serendipitous! Each tour is personalized to meet the needs of the group. Her Dream Vacation was founded by a woman who understands your travel needs and wants to fu ... Read More

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